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What We Offer

Revenue Projection and Financial Modeling

Texas School Finance is an ever-evolving complex system full of unique and confusing nuances. TSFC will help walk your team through forecasting state aid, state payment schedules, recapture, tax rates, etc.

Compliance Monitoring

Between Federal and State spending requirements regarding special programs, Special ED, ESSER, etc., Districts have lots of compliance requirements they must take into account when spending their funds. TSFC will monitor your District's compliance and ensure the District is meeting all expectations that come with their funding. 

Staffing Pattern Analysis

Staffing can make or break a District's financial budget. Here at TSFC, we can help you analyze your District's staff, and recommend improvements to make your district more efficient and fit your unique needs.

Construction Management

You just passed a bond... now what? Here at TSFC we understand the daunting task that bond construction can feel to your already stretched staff. TSFC will help you manage your District's bond spending to help ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.

New Business Manager Coaching

If you just hired a new business manager green to the industry or you're an experienced professional wanting a refresher on how to navigate school finance, TSFC is here for you. We will walk alongside you over a 12-month period to help educate you on all the different facets of the position, or work out a customized contract to fit your specific needs. 

Truth in Taxation Services

Setting a District's tax rate is a highly regulated and complex system full of public notices, calculation requirements, and disclosure obligations. TSFC can make sure that you are fully compliant while offering maximum transparency to local taxpayers on how your levy affects them. 

TRE / Bond Election Assistance

TRE and Bond elections can be difficult for Districts to communicate to local stakeholders due to the legal restrictions on how and what information can be shared. TSFC can walk you through this process, from communications, presentations, etc., to ensure that your taxpayers are given the information in an easy-to-digest format that allows them to make the best decision for their community. 

Full-Service Business Office Solutions

Our specialists offer a full range of services for needed business office functions and comply with the TEA FASRG, GASB, EDGAR, etc. 


We help with:

  • Maintaining accounting and budgeting records

  • Post cash receipts

  • Post accounts payable transactions

  • Post budget amendments and journal entries

  • Balancing general ledger and funds before month closing

  • Closing files monthly and generating reports

  • Reconciling bank accounts 

  • Preparing 1099 forms and submitting IRS files at calendar year-end

  • Preparing Financial PEIMS data for submission

  • Closeout of the fiscal year

  • Assisting in the preparation of budget and setting of tax rate

  • Performing and maintaining all file backups

  • Pre-Audit preparation work

  • Monthly Board Report Generation

  • Preparing Federal expenditure reports

  • State and Federal Fiscal Compliance

  • Processing monthly payroll

  • Preparing and submitting all associated monthly, quarterly, and annual state and federalreports.

  • Preparing payroll and related deduction checks

  • Providing standard payroll reports to the district as requested

  • Processing August accruals

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